New Released Album

New album "...NOW!" on its way. I've just finished recording and mixing. Most tracks I played myself with additional tracking and assistance from some good friends. Below are a couple free downloads and a music video. Unsure of a release date. You can listen to more of the songs on Myspace

  1. So Old So New - download the mp3
  2. Under Palms
  3. Welcome Home
  4. Just Lighten Up
  5. Dirty Old Man - download the mp3
  6. The Last Lust
  7. Dear Town
  8. Seasons
  9. Down - download the mp3
Joseph Demaree - dreamer
Chris Ubick - bass on 1,2,4,6,7,8
Paul Seely - trumpet on 1
Stephanie Lemieux - vocals on 2,3
Ennis Anne Hirsch - assistant mix on 2-4,6-8

Always Distance the Lonely CD/LP 2009
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on Idiomism
  1. Living in Comfortable
  2. Always Distance the Lonely
  3. Anything for Free
  4. Operator and Machine
  5. Believe
  6. The Sport of Hunting
  7. Sand
  8. Under Palms
  9. You We and I
  10. That's the Way it Goes
This album comes with a 12x12" book featuring the art of Joseph Demaree

You can now download our albums and single tracks from Snocap!

So Old So New music video from the upcoming album "...NOW!"

Under Palms music video off "Always Distance the Lonely"

That's the Way it Goes music video off "Always Distance the Lonely"

Here's a little more about us:

For the last ten years Joseph Demaree and The Unit Breed have been hard at work. Constantly touring, recording, damaging ear drums and expanding minds across the US and Japan. They have a strong DIY ethic, producing a prolific amount of homemade visuals, music videos, paintings, and 6 full length home recorded albums. Taking influence from the taste of trees, unyielding light, tigers bellies, desert mountains, upside down submarines, and the ghosts of martyrs; The Unit Breed has created a unique surreal experience which bends reality, sight and sound.